Benefits Of Gone in 8 Herbal Cockroach Gel
Everyone Dreams Of A Cockroach-Free Premises Without The Efforts Of Having To Empty The Drawers And Cupboards, Covering Food Etc., Keeping Their Safety And Health Intact With Real Long Results And All This With Minimum Efforts And At A Best Price. That Is What Gone in 8 Herbal Cockroach Gel Is All About. Simpler, Safer, Easier And More Efficient Than The Competition – A True Value For Money. The Main Content Of Gone in 8 Herbal Cockroach Gel Is Fastest In Killing Cockroaches Through Secondary Transmission. How Does It Work? Gone in 8 Herbal Cockroach Gel Gel Is A Revolutionary Formulation Developed Mainly Keeping In View The Cockroach’S Biology, Behavior And Safety Of The People And Environment. Small Spots (Approx. 0.1 G ~ 5 Mm In Diameter) Of Gone in 8 Herbal Cockroach Gel Gel Are Placed At Discreet Places Where Cockroaches Hide. An Attractant In Gone in 8 Herbal Cockroach Gel Gel Ensures Its Consumption By Cockroaches. Gone in 8 Herbal Cockroach Gel Gel’S Relatively Slow Action Takes Advantage Of Cockroach’S Cannibalistic Nature (Cockroaches’ Feeding On The Dead Cockroaches) And Their Habit Of Feeding On Their Faces. This Feature Ensures Killing Of Even Those Hidden Cockroaches Which Have Not Directly Fed On The Gone in 8 Herbal Cockroach Gel Gel. This Mode Of Action Leads To Following Advantages Of Using Gone in 8 Herbal Cockroach Gel Gel. For The Best Result Apply It After Every 1 Meter Distance At Skirting Level And Coat In Cupboards, Doors And Window Hangers, Edges Of Shelves, Around Toilets, Any Cracks And Holes, Corners And Hollow Spaces Even You Can Use It In Fridge And Microwave. The Recommended Dot Size Should Be Of .05gm Size. You Need Not Have To Vacant The Kitchen Nor Have To Keep Premised Closed After Application.


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Benefits Of Gone in 8 Herbal Cockroach Gel:

  • Odorless And Non Fumes.
  • Highly Effective At Very Low Dose
  • No Measuring Or Mixing Is Required.
  • Apply One Time No Cockroach For More Than 3 Months (90 Days)
  • All Types Of Cockroach Species Are Covered By This Advanced Formulated Gel.
  • This Advance Gel Formula Design By After Research Of Cockroach Food Habit.
  • Easy To Use
  • Hassel Free
  • It Is Also Effect On Hide Cockroach In Cracks.
  • No Use Of Handkerchief Or Mask
  • No Need To Close The Door.
  • Without Moving Home Appliance
  • Safe For Pets And Human.
  • Without Painful
  • Few Minute Required To Apply.
  • 500 Dots By Each 40gm Of Tube.
  • Gel Attracts All Species Of The Cockroaches.
  • No Extra Packaging Cost.
  • It Is 3 Times Cheaper Than All Other Gel

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  1. Amit Panday November 22, 2019 Reply

    Thanks, really i think gone in 8 herbal cockroach killer gel is best one and low price cockroach killer gel and best thing is its a herbal gel

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